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Research Studies at KTH Architecture

KTH Architecture hosts two Doctoral Programmes: The Doctoral Programme in Architecture, and the Doctoral Programme in Art, Technology and Design - a co-operation between KTH and Konstfack.


The doctoral programme in architecture at postgraduate level manages, develops and communicates knowledge of architecture. The subject treats the concepts and theories of architecture and their relationship to planning and design of the built environment. Postgraduate studies in architecture at KTH contain five areas of specialization: architectural design, architectural technology, critical studies of architecture, history and theory of architecture, and urban design. A PhD-degree in Architecture consists of four full years of study.

Art, Technology and Design

The doctoral programme in Art, Technology and Design is a joint venture between KTH and Konstfack (University College of Arts, Crafts and Design), launched in 2014 with the aim to strengthen the exchange between artistic and scientific forms of knowledge. Art, Technology and Design is an emerging research area shaped by dynamic encounters between different perspectives with a strong focus on interdisciplinary exchange and concrete materialisations. Doctoral research and education within the programme may draw on theories and methods from a wide variety of fields – architecture, the fine arts, crafts, design, planning, technology, engineering, materials science etc. – to advance innovative and critical new approaches towards the many challenges riddling societies in the 21st c.