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Postgraduate Courses

The School of Architecture provides the compulsory courses defined in the syllabus for doctoral students in Architecture, as well as a number of elective courses. Doctoral students at the School of Architecture can also take courses at other departments or other universities, after agreement between the student an the supervisor. There are both courses that are run on a regular basis, and specific courses that are run once or twice as situation provides.


Other PhD Courses

Please see the National Research School ' Resarc ' for additional courses and information.

For doctoral students in the Doctoral Programme in Architecture there are six compulsory courses, including the specialization-specific course. In addition, elective courses will be given, often in connection to the theory courses on the Masters' Level. Doctoral students can follow courses at other institutions or universities.

It is also possible to have individually tailored courses (individual course: literature studies; individual course: project work; seminar course: contemporary architecture research). These are of flexible length and are defined in discussion between the doctoral student and the supervisor.

Applying to courses

You apply for postgraduate course by contacting the responsible teacher. Information regarding the different courses and the responsible teachers will be provided as courses approach. Some courses are given by ResArc (the National Research School), and these follow a different application procedure. Please see further under ResArc .

Postgraduate courses in architecture require studies at doctoral level in architecture or comparative subject. If hesitant, inquiries for specific courses should go to the responsible teacher.

Current contact for individual courses

  • Concepts & Theories in Architecture: Meike Schalk
  •   ResArc  - Philosophies (Concepts & Theories in Architecture), HT 2020: Catharina Gabrielsson
  • ResArc / Approaches (Scientific Theory and Research Methodology) (VT 2021): Krystyna Pietrzyk, CTH Chalmers
  • ResArc / Communication (Knowledge Communication in Architectural Research) (HT 2021): Mattias Kärrholm, LTH Lund​
  • ResArc / Tendencies (VT 2022): Mattias Kärrholm, LTH Lund​
  • Higher Seminars I + II: Thordis Arrhenius
  • Critical Studies: Katja Grillner
  • Architectural Historiography: Helena Mattsson
  • Foundation Course in Architectural Technology: Ute Besenecker
  • Theories in Urban Morphology: Ann Legeby