Jan Rydén

Jan Rydén is Head of Design and Research at Alsike Fastighetsbolag AB, a municipal development company in Knivsta.

Jan Rydén

” I am interested in the qualitative aspects of light in relation to both architecture and urbanism, rather than the quantitative aspects. Questions of colour, beauty and textures.”

Title: Color, Beauty & Texture: The Quality of Light in Urbanism

The importance of considering qualitative aspects of light, as opposed to only quantitative aspects. Coming from a background in art and now working with urban design and research I will reflect upon themes as color, beauty and texture in architecture and urbanism.

Jan Rydén has been a resercher at KTH Architecture, as well as guest teacher and lecturer there and at several Swedish art colleges. He has studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2002-2008), as well as at the architecture program at the Royal Institute of Art. His artist book "Allborgarrätten: The Right to the City as a Swedish Tradition" was published in 2016 (Arvinius+Orfeus).

The municipality of Knivsta is located between Stockholm and Uppsala, just north of Arlanda Airport. The new town of Alsike is to house approximately 4000 people centered around a new railway station. Sustainability goals are set very high. KTH Architecture Lighting Design is the designated research partner when it comes to both natural and artificial light.