Tensta School of Architecture

Starting with the Fall Term 2009, Tensta Architecture School offers a preparatory course in Architecture and Urban Planning . It will prepare and encourge the participants to continue their studies at KTH through the subject of Architecture and Urban Planning.

The course will teach you the basics. It will explain concepts, difficult words and expressions, offer several tools to enable you as a student to develop, and help you understand how to work with Architecture and Urban Planning.

The course will enrich your understanding of space, develop your imagination, and increase your ability in the production of ideas. Most importantly, it will also improve your design capabilities and awareness of social matters in Architecture and the Built Environment.

In the course you will learn to think through making and how to develop your ideas. By putting together ideas and evaluating them, you will understand the different needs humans have and how they affect functions in buildings. You will gain understanding of how the technical systems function in buildings. You will learn basics of construction and why buildings look so different. In addition, you will learn about fundamental human needs in building sustainable cities and communities. Finally, you will know who does what in the making of the built world around us. After completion of the course, you will know the fundamentals of how Architecture & Urban Planning happens along with some of the rules and regulations that govern their growth.

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