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Architecture in Effect: Rethinking the Social in Architecture

In order to strengthen architectural research, promoting high relevance for its discipline and for society, it is crucial to critically examine the role and agency of architecture in its cultural and socio-political context. Furthermore to engage in current global economical, ecological and socio-political crises and conditions of sustainability, integration, gender equality, welfare and care.

Director: Katja Grillner, KTH

The proposed research environment responds to these challenges, and makes a significant contribution to the development of new theories and methodologies for critical interpretations and articulations of architecture. It combines critical theory with methodological and topical perspectives that emphasise the material, spatial and symbolic specificity of architecture.

Research develops within four program areas defined in relation to particular theoretical problems and methodologies within the field of architectural interpretation: Critical Historiography, Material Conditions, Critical Projections, and Architects in Formation. Effects and articulations of power relations are examined as constituted in the built environment and embedded within the architectural discipline and its societal relations.

The environment hosts researchers with defined scientific output demands for concentrated periods of time, and builds a renewed research culture for the field through interdisciplinary dialogue. Published articles form the basis of two book publications for an international academic publisher.

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