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Architecture in the Making: Architecture as Making Discipline and Material Practice

The architectural profession is facing new challenges: Sustainable development promotes advanced building technology; the re-use of the existing building stock will be an increasingly important task; urban development have to integrate different fields of knowledge; advanced ICT tools influence design practice and modes of production.

Director: Fredrik Nilsson, CTH

Current challenges represent opportunities for the architectural profession in creating sustainable built environment, and the potential of architectural thinking in managing complexity can contribute to research. For this we need to develop integrated theories and methods, clearly based in architecture as a discipline, in which design thinking stands at the centre. This strong research environment defines the built environment as a material culture, and the architectural profession as a "making discipline".

From this perspective, connecting to sustainable development, four research themes are identified: "Material mechanisms", "History"¸ "Investigative modelling", and "Alteration". It assembles a unique set of leading Swedish researchers, international scholars and architectural practitioners, to create a dynamic research platform promoting the potential of architectural thinking in research on complex issues in built environments.

Concentrated research projects will be combined with externally oriented activities which will make significant contributions to theories and methods in architectural research as well as practice.