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Postgraduate Studies: Internal Policies A

In addition to the rules and regulations around Postgraduate Studies, the School of Architecture has a number of policies regarding PhD Studies. These can change more during the course of your studies.

Support for ongoing projects

The KTH School of Architecture encourages active doctoral students and therefore provides additional economic support. The general recommendation is that this additional support goes to communicative activities (conferences, publication fees, rights to material etc), but the decision is made by the doctoral student and the supervisor together. The sum may vary over years but is (2012) ca 10 000SEK. The sum is not by default transferable or accumulated between years, and can be expected for five full active years after admission. The sum is regulated by degree of activity and may vary over the years. The contribution is conditioned by having an up-to-date and accepted individual study plan.

Midway seminar

For doctoral students who do not produce a licentiate thesis, it is recommended to have a midway seminar summarizing the work until then, with the main focus of how to develop this material into a doctoral thesis. It is recommended to have an external discussant at this seminar, for which the School of Architecture provides funding.

Supervision and workplace

Unless otherwise stated in the individual study plan, doctoral students at KTH School of Architecture should be provided with a workplace (sometimes a shared room) and supervision by one main supervisor and a minimum of one secondary supervisor. This general policy is that this is financially supported for up to five years. This policy is subject to the regulations found in the .

Other/additional working tasks

By standard, doctoral students at KTH School of Architecture can be requested to spend up to 20% of their time for other tasks - predominantly teaching. These percentages can not be 'saved' or otherwise transfered or accumulated between years (that is, doctoral students cannot be requested to teach 40% one semester/year because they did not teach the last semester/year). The time spent for other tasks is added to the time of studies; the effective time of postgraduate studies remains four years, meaning it can be extended to up to five years by additional tasks. Deviations from this should only take place if stated in an accepted individual study plan.