Architectural Competition - Nordic Symposium, October 16-18 2008

A symposium about architectural competitions will be held in Stockholm. The symposium is designed for all who are interested in architectural competition issues, including senior researchers, PhD fellows and their universities' teachers as well as critics and practitioners that have interests in architectural competitions.

Architectural Competition

Nordic Symposium

October 16-18, 2008

Keynote speakers

Parallel Workshops

Four Symposia Themes

Architectural History Theme:

Architectural Judging Theme:

Professional Theme:

Political Power and Urban Design Theme:

You are welcome to submit your Abstract before May 1, 2008. Abstracts can be written in English, Danish, Norwegian or Swedish with maximum 400 words. For further information and early registration, please contact the Organizing Secretariat: Reza Kazemian, Associate Professor,, Magnus Rönn, Associate Professor, Charlotte Svensson,, Research fellow/PhD candidate, Jonas E Andersson,, Research fellow/PhD candidate.

Papers and Abstracts can be send via e-mail attachment to Ms. Charlotte Svensson: or Jonas E Andersson:

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