Conference report 2009 and the new conference in Copenhagen 2010

Conference report 2009
– Architectural Competitions a Nordic Symposium

Hereby you can download a report with some general findings. Please consult the link to the right.

Conference 2010: Architectural Competitions

Call for paper

Architectural competitions have recently emerged as a significant field of empirical research. For this conference, we invited papers within the following themes:

• Two-stage (esp. prequalification) versus one-stage competitions: relating procedures and outcomes

• “The perfect brief”: How much and what kind of scope does it provide? How does it achieve that?

• Concepts and theoretical approaches in interdisciplinary 'competitions research'

• Tracing the political in planning competitions

• Expertise and judgment: Performing quality in design competitions

• Historical trajectories: places, cultures and ruptures in legislation (e.g. impacts of WTO regulations/EU regulation from 1994)

• Knowledge creation and design competitions: from individual answers, experiences and specific solutions to general, collective and theoretical reflections

The conference will help build a network for joint (comparative) research across Europe and beyond.


The conference will take place in Copenhagen, commencing late afternoon May 5 2010 and closing late afternoon May 7 2010. The program will cover parallel paper sessions, plenary addresses, and plenary discussions. In form, the conference will be academic, and in style of interaction, it will be scholarly.

Deadline for submission of extended abstracts (5-7 pages):
December 15, 2009
Acceptance of papers: February 1, 2010
Deadline for final papers: April 20, 2010

340 €

See attachment to the right

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