Registration Form

The registration form has been updated June 30. In the registration form, you can specify your request for conference dinners.

The registration form also contains information about how to pay the registration fee. There are two ways of doing it; an invoice or a bank transfer.

Dietary/ Access requirement

Please use the registration form, down below to the right under "Bilagor" , (appendix), and fill out the form. Please specify your preference for conference dinners October 16 and 17. Check the box for meat, fish, vegetarian or special diet.

Methods of Payment

Receive an invoice

If you’ll attend the conference on your own expense, please send an email to Mrs Bahram, email, and clearly indicate your surname, given names in full, your address and your country of residence, your date of birth, a Swedish Tax Identification Number or a Tax Identification Number used in your own country of residence.

If you’ll attend the conference as a representative of a company or a university, please send an email to Mrs Bahram, email, and indicate the name of the company or the university, full address, country and most importantly the VAT number your company or university has been assigned.

Bank Transfer

Payment of conference fee as a bank transfer has been made available.
If you would like to pay the registration fee using this method, please use the following information, when entering the transaction with your bank:

Bank: Nordea Bank, Stockholm, Sweden
Account no: 15 653-9
IBAN: SE059500 00 99 6034 0015 6539

This information must be used to complete an international bank transfer. Please send us your receipt as a jpeg-file to the organizing committee, c/o


Swedish citizens and organizations must pay VAT. Thus the conference fee in this case will be 1875 SEK.

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Senast ändrad: 2008-12-11