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Book launch: "Arkitektur och modernitet" + David Garcia: "Beyond the Real" (Mar 12)

Welcome to a special double event in Triangeln, the entrance foyer of KTH-A. The evening starts off with the launch of "Arkitektur och modernitet", an anthology of texts written by students at the KTH School of Architecture and edited by Helena Mattsson, Frida Rosenberg and Erik Sigge. A short presentation of the book will be followed by a public guest lecture by David Garcia, founder of MAP Architects and the editor of Manual of Architectural Possibilities, entitled "Beyond the Real: reflections on spatial perceptions".

Time: Thu 2015-03-12 18.00

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In an age exponentially influenced by the power of imagery, how can this perception be a tool of design and spatial understanding within architectural pedagogy? The lecture will venture into landscapes and territories both of the mind, the existing and the composed, blurring our sense of the “real”.

is an architect and founder of  MAP Architects in Copenhagen and Head of the Institute of Architecture and Technology at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, concerned with architecture research of extreme environments. Currently working on projects to activate and protect the Danish coast, he is active in Greenland, Rotterdam and Antarctica. He has developed the periodical   MAP – Manual of Architectural Possibilities , dealing with out of balance scenarios, which appears twice a year.

The student-run Thursday's bar will be open for the occasion – welcome!