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A Conversation on Infrastructural Love

Please join us for a book discussion on Infrastructural Love, a book that originated in the critical studies master design studio run at KTH between 2018-2019. Brief presentations by:
Hélène Frichot, Professor of Architecture and Philosophy, Melbourne School of Design, University of Melbourne, Australia.
Adrià Carbonell, Lecturer in Architecture and PhD candidate in Applied Urban Design, KTH.

All welcome!

Time: Fri 2022-11-25 13.00 - 14.00


Book Details

Infrastructural Love: Caring for Our Architectural Support Systems Edited by Hélène Frichot, Adrià Carbonell, Hannes Frykholm, Sepideh Karami Graphic Design by Bettina SchwalmBirkhauser 2022

This anthology radically resituates architecture as a support system in the service of infrastructure. A collection of 12 critical essays and creative projects explore the interaction between architectural spaces and infrastructural systems with the aim of responding to contemporary environmental, social, and political crises. In addition, the book presents a selection of 10 speculative design experiments undertaken in Critical Studies in Architecture at KTH Stockholm and within Design, Philosophy and Architecture at the University of Melbourne. With its integrative approach to pedagogy, practice, and theory the book contributes to an understanding of the vulnerability of planetary life and the importance of fostering relations of care in architecture.