Beda Ring, Brady Burroughs, Henri T. Beall: "Architectural Flirtations: A love storey". (Higher Seminar, Nov 6)

Opponent: Jérèmie McGowan, Associate Professor, Institute of Form, Theory and History, AHO- The Oslo School of Architecture and Design

Tid: Fr 2015-11-06 kl 14.30 - 17.00

Plats: KTH–A Konferensrum A608, plan 6, Osquars backe 5, Stockholm

Biographical Statements:

Beda Ring is a PhD researcher in Critical Studies in architecture, at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. With an undergraduate design education at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA, USA and additional coursework in Gender Studies at Stockholm University, Beda’s work combines a passion for learning and undermining power with a hands-on approach. A polyglot (English, Swedish and enough Italian) and an avid bather, Beda frequents the outdoor sauna at Fredhäll’s bathing club in central Stockholm during the winter, and finds a temporary summer home in Skala Eressos, Lesvos, on the Aegean Sea.

Brady Burroughs is a teacher at KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. Teaching architectural design studio, in both 1st and 2nd year as well as master’s level since 2000, Brady was also one of the founding members of the feminist teaching and research collaborative FATALE. Most recently, Brady has worked within Critical Studies, offering gender and architecture courses and a master’s level studio with a foundation in queer, feminist and critical theory. An empathic “animal friend,” flawed vegetarian and self-proclaimed cat-person, Brady lives in the million programme suburb Tensta, with three mischievous Cornish Rex felines.

Henri T. Beall is an architect and writer, with experience practicing in architectural offices in the U.S., Switzerland and Sweden. In addition, Henri teaches part-time in a master’s level design studio at KTH in Stockholm. As a true “drama junkie,” Henri has a real soft spot for the occasional drama queen and the entangling intrigues that follow them. Poetry, puns and linguistic wordplay often make their way into Henri’s writing, which raises ethical and political questions about architectural practice, the formation of architects and the profession, while integrating interests in design, literature and photography.

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