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Exhibition: 'Ring, Donut, Edge, or Belt (Dec 15 – Jan 11)

Welcome to an exhibition of 23 urban planning proposals for Stockholm's neighboring municipalities, produced by third-year architecture students at the KTH School of Architecture.

Tid: Ti 2015-12-15 - Må 2016-01-11

Plats: Entrance foyer, KTH School of Architecture, Oscars Backe 5, Stockholm

The city of Stockholm is surrounded by ten municipalities: Ekerö, Jakobsberg, Sollentuna, Danderyd, Solna, Sundbyberg, Lidingö, Nacka, Tyresö, and Huddinge. Together, they form a political geography that is both constructed with legislative tools and a product of natural borders. The area comprises of a variety of urban situations, ranging from 19th-century perimeter blocks to rural agricultural land, commercial big-box retail areas, and holiday homes in the archipelago. 

In order to understand and operate in such a diverse urban context, different types of strategies and proposals are required. As such, students are required to develop specific projects based on local conditions. The whole region of Stockholm is suffering from a decades long housing shortage, and whilst there is mounting pressure to find ways to produce new residential areas, the accumulated wealth of the “urban” ring of the city acts as both a catalyst and an obstacle to meeting this challenge. At the same time, a clear shift can be observed away from large-scale urban schemes funded by public bodies to specific urban developments targeting a identified group and funded by private capital.

The teaching in third-year is structured around a studio system and the students are divided in four studios. Each studio has identified specific urban challenges that aims to identify contemporary conditions. The projects have been developed through group work and this exhibition presents 23 projects situated in 11 different urban conditions:

1 Solna Centrum
2 Frösunda - Haga norra - Hagalund
3 Mörby Centrum
4 Nacka
5 Tyresö Centrum
6 Huddinge Centrum
7 Huddingevägen - Flemmingsberg
8 Vårby gård
9 Ekerö
10 Jacobsberg
11 Sollentuna Centrum

More about the 2015-2016 Studio Themes for the teaching in the Basic Level's third year can be found in the   KTH-A 2015-2015 catalogue .