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Massimo Santanicchia: 'Reykjavik Endless' (Nov 26)

Welcome to an open guest lecture by by Massimo Santanicchia, architect, urbanist, Director of Beyond Entropy North and Assistant Professor in Architecture at the Iceland Academy of the Arts. Subtitled "Urban Tales from Reykjavik", the talk is an exploration on the urbanism of the city before and after the banking collapse of 2008. Organized in collaboration with Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory, KTH-ABE.

Tid: To 2015-11-26 kl 18.00

Plats: Main atelier, KTH Arkitekturskolan, Osquars backe 5

is an architect, urbanist, planner, at the Iceland Academy of the Arts (IAA) in Reykjavik. He holds three master degrees: a MArch from Istituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia School of Architecture of Venice, an MA in Housing and Urbanism from the Architectural Association School of Architecture in London, and a MSc in Regional and Urban Planning Studies from the London School of Economics. After having worked as architect and urban designer for fifteen years with different companies in Italy, the UK, Israel, and Iceland, in 2015 Massimo joins Beyond Entropy , a research-based studio practicing architecture, urbanism, and cultural analysis founded in 2010 by Stefano Rabolli Pansera. At the Iceland Academy of the Arts Massimo teaches architecture, urban design, social design, and sustainability. Massimo has lectured extensively in the same fields in Italy, the UK, Norway, Latvia, Greece, Switzerland, Australia, and New Zealand. Massimo´s main interest is the study of the relationship between the built form and its social, political, ecological, and cultural impacts in the contemporary city. Massimo believes that a sustainable urbanism needs to integrate design and environment together with community participation to confront the challenge of climate change and social justice in the city. 

Organized in collaboration with Civitas Athenaeum Laboratory , KTH-ABE.