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Susanne Hofmann: 'Architecture is Participation' (Sep 30)

Welcome to an open guest lecture by Susanne Hofmann, founder of Baupiloten, on the occasion of her release of the book 'Architecture is Participation'. The event is free and open to the public, and is organized in collaboration with the Stockholm Association of Architects – welcome!

Tid: On 2015-09-30 kl 18.00

Plats: Main atelier, KTH Arkitekturskolan, Osquars backe 5, Stockholm

Susanne Hofmann is an architect and the founder of  Baupiloten , an interdisciplinary practice that specializes in educational buildings and housing since 2001. The foundation of each project is defined by intensive user participation that is integral to Baupiloten’s design process. Their work focuses on innovative experimental design methods and is driven by both a social and ecological agenda. A core team of eight architects and engineers collaborates with various designers, engineers and specialists dependent on each project. Hofmann received her PhD with the thesis, Atmosphere as Participatory Design Strategy in 2012. September 30, she will present her most recent book,  Architecture is Participation Die Baupiloten – Methods and Projects  (Jovis, 2014).

Organized in collaboration with the Stockholm Association of Architects