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The Architecture of a Changing Society

– Schoolyards as a Lens

Matilde Kautsky will be presenting her PhD research at its 50% stage.

Tid: Fr 2023-05-26 kl 13.15 - 15.30

Plats: A608

Videolänk: https://kth-se.zoom.us/j/67042903633

Språk: English

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The objective of the dissertations is to discuss how changes in society are materialised in the architecture of our everyday places. How(if?) are spatial configuration, form and materiality of architecture connected to societal changes and how can the traces of the societal changes be analysed, visualised, and contextualised? Can this inform a discussion about societal views, politics and discourses within architecture and urban design? The dissertation spans over time and scales to be able to answer this. It includes changes in society from the early 20th century until today, and it includes analyses of architecture from an urban scale to the building level.

To be able to study the traces of societal changes in architecture, examples are necessary, which are found in the schoolyards of public primary schools in Stockholm Municipality. These examples enable a study of something’s place in society as formulated by the built environment.

The built environment is represented in two ways in the dissertation - it is represented by the architecture of the schoolyards and buildings and it is represented by the localisation of the schools in the urban. The something is represented by children, the user group, for whom schoolyards and buildings are designed primarily.

In society is studied through building regulations, norms and guidelines, urban planning ideas and architectural discourse. The place is studied with analyses of spatial configuration and visual methodology.

The opponent is Sofia Cele, a senior lecturer & associate professor, Uppsala Univeristy. Her research is within critical urban and cultural geography.