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Eva Minoura: "Territorial Transformations" (PhD Final Seminar, Mar 13)

Eva Minoura presents her manuscript for her doctoral Thesis, to discuss with Joaquim Sabaté from Universtat Politècninca de Catalunya. Joaquim Sabaté is Doctor in Architecture and Economist and Professor of the Department of Urbanism and Regional Planning, UPC. He is also coordinator of the PhD in Urban Planning and of the Official Research Masters in Urban Planning.

Time: Fri 2015-03-13 09.00 - 12.00

Location: KTH School of Architecture, Östermalmsgatan 26, A1

Participating: Eva Minoura, Joaquim Sabaté

"Implicit in any urban design is a negotiation between public and private interests. Such a negotiation is articulated and made legible in the facades, fences and even more subtle edges separating this from that. As the interface is materialized differently; a complex variety of spatial situations are produced depending on how the spaces are framed. In the city, the interplay of open space, building and boundary produces a patchwork of subspaces, which we can consider as potential urban territories. Most of us are familiar with the results of territorial production and recognize that fences, furniture or plantings are assertions of a claim to space by an individual or group. However, the reason to conceive of this process as a territorial production may not be immediately apparent. Consequences of territorial production on perceptions and behaviour are rather under-analysed, especially in the context of the city. But consider the spaces unclaimed by users, spaces which incite no greater concern or stewardship even by immediate residents who might, in other circumstances use and even claim these as their own, e.g. appropriate them."

Eva Minoura's PhD project is funded by FORMAS, and supervised by Meta Berghauser Pont, Daniel Koch & Alexander Ståhle.

EM Final Seminar rs.pdf (pdf 7.0 MB)