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Architectural Theory, History and Critical Studies

Architectural Theory, History and Critical Studies, produces, develops and communicates knowledge in the field of architecture from a cultural-historical and socially critical perspective.

The research methods are interdisciplinary and relate to a broader field of humanities and artistic research practices, as well as to technology and social sciences. The theory and history of architecture and the built environment is studied as an historical process where contemporary conditions are contextualised as part of a longer development, and deepens the understanding of architecture as a spatial, aesthetic and social practice. In critical studies architecture is studied as profession, discipline and cultural expression, including effects of different ideological systems and power structures on architecture, as well as how architecture reproduces or counteracts such systems or structures in different contexts.

Staff in the research field Architectural Theory, History and Critical Studies


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Doctoral students

  • Mats Fredriksson
  • Anna Odlinge