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Architectural Design

Architectural design manages, develops and communicates knowledge in the field of design. Of central interest are research questions about the production of ideas, creativity, visualization and quality assessment of architectural projects. Methodologically architectural design has its main focus on design theory, research-by-design and innovation. Architectural Design is a key profile in undergraduate, masters and research education, supported by a strategy to recruit excellent faculty that span between research, teaching and practice. The work of the group contributes to four major fields of research and development: studies in design process, studies in sustainability, studies in digital methodologies and studies in experimental architectural practice and media.

Architectural Design contributes to the research group Digital Fabrications Laboratory (DFL) of which Ulrika Karlsson is initiator and to KTH’s initiative to create frameworks for design-lead research ( read more ).


Christina Bodin Danielsson (Postdoctoral)


Ulrika Knagenhielm Karlsson (Professor)