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Architectural Lighting Design

Lighting Design Laboratory

The Lighting Design Lab is a division of the Department of Architecture in the School of Architecture and the Built Environment at KTH.

We work within the topic of Lighting Design in Architecture at the graduate and postgraduate level, with a dedicated Master level program in Architectural Lighting Design, educational classes for students in the Architecture program, and research projects that involve PhD and postdoc positions.

Light and lighting are fundamental components in architecture and essential for human perception and well-being. The quality of light in the spatial environments – both daylight and electrical light – affects human vision, behavior and a wide variety of physiological and psychological responses.

Our approach to light and light planning is transdisciplinary. Research and education are grounded between and across different methodologies and approaches, including design theory and practice, research-by-design, case studies, and innovation. The Lighting Design Lab engages in educational and research activities that stimulate human-centered innovation in the field of lighting design and technology, applied to architectural spaces. Theoretical knowledge is being combined with practical application in experiments, exploratory project work and case studies.

Our students, researchers and educators come from all over the world and with diverse backgrounds, all joined by the fascination and passion of working with light as an architectural medium and “material”.

The Lighting Design Lab is dedicated to promoting quality, openness, professionalism, and high competence, connecting knowledge development in Sweden’s Nordic lighting conditions into a global context of international collaboration and exchange.

The Lighting Design Lab frequently organizes events to interface with other academic institutions, industry members and other interested stakeholders around specific topics and projects. For updates on events and discussions, please follow the KTH Lighting Design Laboratory's activities on Facebook .

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