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Applying for Doctoral Studies

The subject of architecture at doctoral level manages, develops and communicates knowledge of architecture. The subject treats the concepts and theories of architecture and their relationship to planning and design of the built environment. Doctoral studies in architecture at KTH are pursued in three areas of specialization: Architectural design, technology and representation; Architectural theory, history and critical studies; and Urban design and urban theory.

The doctoral education follows a four year study programme, where mandatory and voluntary courses run parallel to the individual thesis work. The subject area plan is here

Most doctoral dissertations are monographs, but compilation thesis (based on articles) also occur amongst other variations.

Pursuing doctoral studies in Sweden is a form of employment, and requires that funding is guaranteed for a minimum of four years. Funding can either be provided through the institution, which in most cases is linked to research grants secured from an external funder, or provided by an external employer – such as a company, a municipality, or a state agency. In this case, studies are usually carried out on a part time basis, thus for 8 years, in parallel to the candidate’s regular employment (so called industrial PhD).

Since June 2018, state-run institutions in Sweden do not enroll students on scholarships, with some exceptions. More information here

The most common way to become a doctoral student at KTH is to apply for a vacant PhD position, announced here . Positions come with their own requirements and procedures, depending on the funding, but always require a Master's Degree in Architecture, or equivalent, in relevant academic fields. The recruitment process is usually very competitive and, in most cases, successful candidates have prior research experience and/or an established independent practice of relevance for the specific position. Students are expected to be able to speak, read and write English at a level corresponding to English B/6 .

Guest PhD students

We are happy to take on guest PhD students from other universities for a period of 3 months, provided their research is of relevance to the department, and allows for a productive mutual exchange. Guest PhD students are offered a working desk in a flexible landscape, and are welcome to take part in seminars and to attend lectures held at KTH. Candidates must establish contact with a member of faculty who is willing to take on the role as host/mentor. He or she is also expected to contribute to the environment by making a research presentation at a seminar. KTH does not provide a computer during the stay, and the candidate is responsible for all personal costs during the period of this appointment.