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Léonie Geisendorf Architectural Award 2018 to Sofie Tidstrand

From Sofie Tidstrand's diploma degree project (Photo: Charlie Gullström)
Publicerad 2018-06-07

As part of the Diploma Degree Ceremony on Friday, the Léonie Geisendorf Award was presented to Sofie Tidstrand for her exploration and architectural interpretation of Edith Södergrans poetry.


Architect Léonie Geisendorf’s died two years ago, at the age of 102. Her architectural practice was primarily in Sweden, where she counts among the most prominent architects of late modernity. She forms part of Le Corbusier’s diaspora across Europe and brought International Style to Sweden. Léonie Geisendorf was also teaching at KTH and was later awarded an Honorary Doctorate in Architecture.

The Léonie Geisendorf Award was instituted in 2016 and has now been enabled by a generous financial contribution from Träullit, a family-owned company recognized for its wood fibre panels.

The Diploma Project is entitled “An Architectonic Interpretation of a Poetic Universe” and the jury summarised it as “ a powerful and eccentric architectural sculpture that manifests its right to a place in the urban fabric, a liberal architectural manifesto that makes Edith Södergran present on Södermalm, by embedding reflections on place, movement, symbolism, politics and gender. Read the jury’s full motivation here: Motivation2018.pdf (pdf 60 kB)

Sofie Tidstrand’s Diploma Degree Project is available here

The Jury has consisted of Staffan Gezelius, Hag Arkitekter, Cecilia Ström, Allegro Projekt, Hedvig Ersman, Ersman Architecture & Design. Charlie Gullström, KTH, is the jury’s permanent secretary.

From Sofie Tidstrand's diploma degree project (Photo: Charlie Gullström)