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New booklet: Lorde for Architecture Students

Bradys bok
Publicerad 2024-01-29

This collaboration between Afaina de Jong, Visiting Professor, TU Wien; Claiming*Spaces, TU Wien; Master’s architecture students, TU Wien; and Brady Burroughs, KTH, aims to fill a gap among current titles, presenting the contributions of women in the field.

As a continuation of the series Feminist Thinkers for Architects, architect/artist Afaina de Jong, in collaboration with CLAIMING*SPACES and master’s architecture students at TU Wien, has developed the second fanzine, Lorde for Architecture Students. Throwing shade at the homogenous selection of thinkers in the 18 current titles of Routledge’s Thinkers for Architects, this publication acts as a comment on- and complement to the original series.

Developed online (w/Covid restrictions) during spring 2021 and concluding with the second CLAIMING*SPACES Conference - Whose History? in spring 2022, the fanzine aims to connect key themes (silence, dismantling, difference, the erotic, anger) from five essays in Audre Lorde’s book Sister Outsider (1984) to everyday situations of the architecture student. It calls for architects and architectural educators to “do the work” to imagine spaces of freedom.


An introduction to critical theory for designers. BY architecture students and teachers FOR architecture students and teachers.

Download your own free copy here: https://urn.kb.se/resolve?urn=urn:nbn:se:kth:diva-338695