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The Kitchen Square presenterades i Rotterdam

The Kitchen Square
Bild: Elin Strand Ruin
Publicerad 2024-06-10

The Kitchen Square, där arkitekten Elin Strand Ruin rör sig mellan ​konst, arkitektur, social hållbarhet och stadsplanering, presenterades på Urban Future, en europeisk konferens för urban hållbarhet.

Elin Strand Ruin, lärare i årskurs 3 vid Arkitekturskolan, KTH, är inbjuden att delta vid Urban Future in Rotterdam 2024.

Hennes The Kitchen Square presenterades i Pop-Up Cities, Amsterdam booklet: 20 powerful recipes for better cities. Dessutom håller Elin föreläsning direkt efter Jeroen Beekmans launch av bookleten. 

Urban Future

Del av programmet med bland andra Strand Ruins bidrag.
Del av programmet med bland andra Strand Ruins bidrag.

Abstract The Kitchen Square
Could everyday domestic skills and organization be revaluated and identified as vital strategies to handle uncertainty and ambiguity in a “a world in flux”? Why is it important to manifest domestic traces visible in a narrow street of Istanbul as a political action? And why making the connection to the need of identifying sustainable solutions to handle environmental challenges in our cities?

The Blind Alley and The Kitchen Square navigates on the borderline between art, architecture, social sustainability and

 urban planning. The center of attention of the seminar is a presentation / text as a base to discuss the site specific projects and their possible impact as alternative public spaces. One underlying goal is to share the experiences of the staged kitchens in combination with lessens learned through the discovery of a rural-urban matriarchy on a public domestic street in Istanbul and discuss the thesis made : "depicting an alternative public place as model to strengthen social and sustainable solutions handling environmental challenges in our cities".

For a copy of a draft text related to the presentation please contact Elin directly at elin.strandruin@arch.kth.se