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Här kan du läsa mer om de personer som verkar inom forskningsområdet Tillämpad Stadsbyggnad på KTH.

Ann Legeby, professor

Ann Legeby, professor, PhD, researcher, and teacher at KTH, School of Architecture, and is specialized in urban design with a special interest within segregation and social sustainability. The research focus on segregation in public space and the role of urban form for matters related to urban segregation, urban life and equal living conditions.

Daniel Koch, docent och forskare

Daniel Koch is a docent, researcher and teacher at KTH Architecture, a researcher at Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering at Chalmers and a practicing architect at Patchwork Architecture Laboratory. At KTH, Daniel works in the Urban Design research area, heading the profile Critical Morphology, where he is involved in several research projects with external funding, supervise PhD-students, and participate in the establishing of the new professorship in Applied Urban Design.

Matilde Kautsky, doktorand

Adrià Carbonell Rabassa, doktorand

Adrià Carbonell is an architect and urban designer. He is a lecturer in Critical Studies in Architecture and PhD Candidate in Applied Urban Design at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and has previously held teaching positions at KU Leuven Sint-Lucas, Tallinn University of Technology, Umeå University and the American University of Sharjah. He is also founder of the research platform Aside, where he writes on the relationships between architecture, urbanism and geography. His writings have been published in Zarch Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies in Architecture and Urbanism, San Rocco, MONU and Cartha, among others.

Chen Feng, post doc

Monica Sand, forskare